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Dr. Blue

Dr. Blue Skincare Set

Dr. Blue Skincare Set

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The Dr. Blue Skincare Set includes five products: Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Cream, and Masksheet

1. Oxygen Foam Cleanser

  • Contains 14 different botanical extracts Botanical extracts relax exhausted skin and refresh the skin to aid in developing a clear and bright skin tone.
  • Papaya fruit extract and botanical extracts aid in exfoliation, balance water and oil, and maintain a clear skin tone as well as relax the skin.
  • Bubbles are not directly made, but bubbles naturally ascend from the cleanser for mild cleansing without irritation.
  • Surfactants derived from coconut produces plentiful and dense bubbles to thoroughly cleanse the pores.

2. Provence Rose Toner

  • Contains 90% rosewater
  • Utilizes cabbage rose flower water in place of ordinary purified water to provide excellent relaxation and moisturization to the skin
  • Cabbage rose flower water develops a brighter skin tone and aids in improving the flexibility of the skin texture. It is also excellent in providing moisture and relaxing the skin.

3. Repair W Serum

  • Serum with nutrition to adjust skin balance
  • Minimal amount of ethanol, small enough to not irritate the skin, has been included to provide a clean feeling and absorb without smearing to develop fluffy skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid ingredients aid in caring for moisturizing and elasticity of the skin.
  • Aids in improving rough skin and calms the skin that becomes sensitive
  • Pathenol, also known as Pro-vitamin B5, aids in consistent moisturizing and revitalizing the skin.

4. Oxygen Moisturizing Cream

  • Moisturized and luminous oxygen cream, containing oxygen bubbles develops beautiful skins from the inside.
  • Whitening, Skin line improvement, Moisturizing, Oxygen bubble cream effective for luminous skin
  • 5 complex ingredients for whitening, including niacin amide immediately absorb into the skin to develop healthy and even skin tone.
  • Specialized oxygen bubble texture provides not only an immediate moisturizing effect but delivers the whitening ingredients deep into the skin.


5. Dr Blue Mask Sheet

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