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Athens Goddess Hair Brush

Athens Goddess Hair Brush

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[About Athens Goddess Hair Brush]

● UV Coating Handle: UV coating on the handle of the hairbrush.

● Excellent Thermal Conductivity The lightweight stainless steel heating plate has excellent thermal conductivity when using a dryer, so the hairstyle can be maintained for a long time through indirect heat, and the style can be finished quickly. Volume and curls are clearly produced and it plays an excellent role in root volume.

● Ergonomic Design: The handle of the brush, which was completed through the design technical consultation of the design research center in Korea, is designed to be ergonomically designed so that it does not get tired even when used for a long time. The shape of the hand holding the handle is expressed in three dimensions, so that it does not require any effort and does not slip even if you hold it slightly, and the shape was inspired by the pillars of the Parthenon in ancient Athens.

● Minimizes Hair Damage: The premium pig hair of purple color is dense, so when combing, the hair is divided into several strands, helping to evenly reach the heat of the dryer, making the hair elastic and shiny.

● Premium Materials: Tynex, made of the finest material, is flexible when heat is applied, helping to freely create the desired hairstyle while holding the center of the curl well. The handle is made of jade wood, which is a high-quality wood material, so it is light and hard, so it can be used for a long time.

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