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Derma Super Dam Toner

Derma Super Dam Toner

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HARAMOON is a natural derma cosmetic brand for stressed and sensitive skin. We focus on creating an environment where the skin grows its natural strength and improves itself.

We provide the core value to correct your skin concerns by maintaining a pH balance between the oil and moist contents of your skin.
We promise honest skin changes with the best recipes based on healthy ingredients from nature.

[About Derma Super Dam Toner]

Mild Care & pH5.5 weak acid, water-type toner containing calming patented ingredients and Low-, medium- and high-molecular complex 7-x-layer hyaluronic acid for dryness in the skin. Organize skin texture for efficient nutrition supply.

[How to use]
To Use for Wiping:
· Take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad and wipe it along the skin texture.
· Cleans up dead skin cells and remnants in pores after cleansing.
To Use for Absorbing:
· Take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad or hand, apply according to the skin texture, and pat lightly for absorption.
· Soothes the skin, supplies moisture, and creates a healthy environment.
To Use for Skin Pack:
· On days when skin care is needed, moisten a cotton pad with a lot of toner and use it as a pack on areas that require soothing and moisture care.
To Use for Mist:
· Put it in a spray bottle and use it as a mist to replenish moisture at the moment you feel the feeling of dullness.
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